The illegal discharge of oil contaminated water from ships continues to be a focus of enforcement for port state control officials in many parts of the world.

 MarPortCompliance utilizes experienced retired Coast Guard Marine Inspectors and Port State Control Officers to conduct these audits.  

Be Proactive!


  • Identify problems with your oil contaminated liquid waste management system before port state control officials identify them for you


  • The U.S. Coast Guard published a policy letter providing detailed guidance for investigators.  It is clear that enforcement actions will continue.

  • Enforcement actions frequently involve criminal prosecution resulting in jail time and multi-million dollar fines for the company's management personnel, as well as the ship's crew. 

  • In many cases company personnel and ship's crew want to do the right thing, but fall prey to poor oversight, sloppy record-keeping, or just get scared and do not tell the entire truth when confronted by the authorities.  In other cases...crew members and company personnel are intentionally violating the law.

Oily Waste Management


We will:

  •  Observe the operation of the OWS  (Oily Water Separator) 

  • Assess crew intentions as it relates to the handling of oily waste

  • Assess crew competency to operate the system

  • Review your Oil Record Book and associated transfer records

  • Assess company policy

  • Prepare a detailed written report with embedded photographs of our findings

  • Provide recommendations on establishing a comprehensive compliance program for your company and ships

Consulting Services for Fleet Audits & Program Development


  • MARPOL I : Prevention of Pollution By Oil (Storage, Treatment, and Disposal of Oily Water and Sludge)

  • MARPOL IV : Prevention of Pollution By Sewage (Storage, Treatment, and Disposal of Greywater and Blackwater)

  •  MARPOL V : Prevention of Pollution By Garbage 

  •  MARPOL VI : Prevention of Air Pollution 

  • International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments


  • EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (Vessel General Permit)