Maritime Security

MarPortCompliance can assist you in meeting regulatory requirements by offering vessel and facility security assessments, annual audits, preparation and maintenance of security plans, and security exercises and training. 

Our Services

Security Assessments and Plans



We have conducted hundreds of Vessel/ Ships Security Assessments and annual audits of security plans since 2002. 

We use a proprietary, but simple  risk-based methodolgy that is fully compliant with US and other Port State Control entities throughout the world.

Vessel Security Plans

We have prepared many Vessel/ Ship Security Plans for various US and international fleets.  

In the United States we interact with the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center to make changes to plans as may be required during the review process.  Typically we  turn these changes around in one day so that the plan receive the quickest approval.

These plans include Ships Security Alert and Anti Piracy Annexes.

These plans include necessary but not excess forms to facilitate security response, access control, Declarations of Security, and drills and exercises.

Drills & Exercises

We are able if needed, to design and conduct fleet security exercises.  

The framework for your vessels security drill program is contained in your Vessel Security Plan.  We have available additional job aides to make these as meaningful as possible to bust ships crews.


Ships Security Officer training is provided in conjunction with partner companies or organizations.

We have developed a Security Training Manual for Persons With Security Related Duties that can be incorporated into your existing onboard training programs that may exist in your Ships Management 

24/7 Consulting Availability

For the most part security compliance is  your biggest focus.  As retired U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Officers we understand the nuances of US and international laws, regulations and policy.  We enjoy and are comfortable interacting with the Coast Guard on your behalf.  We will never cut corners or evade what is right, but our experiences allows  usto communicate effectively and get to the heart of the matter.

Package Pricing

All MarPortCompliance services are available individually or as a full service package deal. Typically these combined services run for a period of one year and include unlimited Vessel Security Plan updates and consulting advice for that year.

We understand that large fleets should enjoy the economies of size.  Fleet-wide services are reasonably priced with that in mind